Maggots In Compost Good Or Bad?

So let’s talk about maggot in your compost. You might be the one that freaks out when you see maggot in your compost. But they are not so bad and they can’t hurt you.

are actually the black soldier fly larvae. Black soldier fly (BSF) are simply normal housefly. When these flies settle on your compost, they lay their eggs and result in larvae (maggot).

What is a Compost Maggot?

they can consume a huge amount of food scrapes faster than you can imagine. Thus, they will make the decomposition of your compost fast.

The Usefulness of Maggot in Your Compost

Thick Brush Stroke

Eliminating Maggot in Your Compost Bin

Add Dry Material into your Compost


Bury Food Scraps


Reduce Flies by Covering Holes with Window Screen


Apply Lime to your Compost

Maggot might be disgusting and gross to behold. But you should consider the good they do to your compost. Think of it, you put a big pound of waste in your bin. A couple of hours later, the waste has reduced drastically.


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