Maharani Alocasia Care Guide And Propagation

Maharani Alocasia is an exotic plant that is very rare to find. This article will be narrating how to care for your exotic Alocasia variety. So, please continue to read to find out.

This particular variety of Alocasia is a hybrid plant whose leaves are plastic stiff. The origination of this plant is from Asia in the Southeast. It usually grows up to a foot in size only. 

About Alocasia Maharani

1.    Watering Requirement – Maharani Alocasia  2.    Ideal Potting Mix 3.    Temperature And Humidity – Maharani Alocasia  4.    Ideal Light Requirement 5.    Fertilizer Application – Maharani Alocasia

Maharani Alocasia Care Guide

The propagation of the grey dragon can be carried out from the pups or flower seed of the Alocasia Maharani once it stops being dormant. The best time for propagation is at the beginning of spring or midsummer.

Propagation Of Maharani Alocasia

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