Organic Solution Premium Worm Castings: Natural Nutrient for Plants

One of the many problems growers and gardeners face is the issue of pest in their garden. While this problem can easily be taken care of with the right insecticide or pesticide, it can be quite difficult ensuring that there are enough nutrients in the soil for plants to grow.

Before You Buy Fertilizer for Your Garden Ensure the Fertilizer is Appropriate for the Plant You Want to Use it on. Know How Much Fertilizer You Need Organic Fertilizers Are Better for Plants and Environment

Before You Buy Fertilizer for Your Garden

It is a quality organic plant nutrient produced in the USA. Made from pure California castings, this premium product from Organic Solution is an effective solution for treating nutrient deficiency in plant.

Organic Solution Premium Worm Casting

Worm castings are a type of organic fertilizer that is made from earthworms. They are also referred to as vermicast and they provide plant soil with a natural source of nutrient.

What Are Worm Castings?

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Benefits of Organic Solution Premium Worm Casting 

Made from Organic Matter


Helps to Promote Water Retention


Promotes Plant Growth


Suitable for all Plant Types

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Other Alternatives

BiotaMax Plant/Soil Probiotic


Scotts Organic Fertilizer 

Once you have measured the area of your garden and taken note of how much fertilizer is required to use, you can simply apply the Organic Solution Premium Worm Casting directly into the soil with a trowel or by using your hands.


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