Peppers Rotting On Plant – Causes And Solutions

According to the University of Tennessee, the reason for blossom end rot is a lack of calcium or not enough moisture in the soil. Enough soil moisture is important for pepper plants in order for easy absorption of calcium.

Blossom end rot usually causes the appearance of dark spots at the bottom part or side of peppers. As we have mentioned, blossom end rot is caused by the deficiency of calcium in the plant. 

Pepper Rotting On Plant

-1. Avoid watering your pepper plants less often -2. Avoid watering your pepper plants more than necessary. -3.Make use of proper fertilizer. -4.reduce the amount of nitrogen in the fertilizer for your plant when it starts producing fruits. -5.Prune older leaves and leaf branches

Preventing Your Pepper Fruits From Rotting On The Plant

1.    Pruning Too Much Foliage 2.    Even Moisture Is Important 3.    Helping The Plants To Absorb More Calcium

Solution To Peppers Rotting On Plant

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