PH For Hydroponic Lettuce

You might be interested in growing lettuce hydroponically. If you’re wondering what’s the best pH for hydroponic lettuce, we will let you know in this post.

The lettuce hydroponic system is a method of growing lettuce without the use of soil. Water solutions dissolved in nutrients are used to grow lettuce plants.

Lettuce Hydroponic System

The required pH for hydroponic lettuce ranges from 5.6 to 6.2. This pH range is acidic enough to reduce the activities of algae and at this pH range, plants can absorb nutrients adequately for their growth.

Required pH For Hydroponic Lettuce

The recommended hydroponic nutrient solutions to successfully grow lettuce are majorly calcium ...

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Other Requirements For Hydroponics Lettuce

Temperatures: The recommended temperatures should range 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


Light Requirements: Lettuce plants do not require much light. Light duration from 10 to 15 hours daily is enough.


Aeration: There are some lettuce varieties that can tolerate low oxygen levels.


Growing Media: Lettuce will do well in most growing media such as rock wool, coco coir, etc. However, the main growing medium is the nutrient solution.


We hope you must have learned the required pH for hydroponic lettuce. Remember to always monitor your hydroponic nutrient pH constantly and adjust when you notice any slight change.


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