Picking A Good Artichoke The Right Way

Artichoke can be pretty difficult to make. This is usually because of its poky and tightly packed leaves that may seem difficult to dive into. But once you’ve learned to properly cut or trim them and even prepare them, you get to enjoy the tender leaves and their great-tasting flavor.

Artichoke is an herbaceous perennial plant. They come from members of Asteraceae family and this family also includes thistles, sunflowers, and dandelions. 

About Artichoke Plant

- One obvious sign of a good artichoke is when they feel heavy in your hand.  - The thorny-packed leaves should be tight and hugging towards the center of the vegetable. 

Tips On How To Choose An Artichoke

- The leaves are opening up from the center, then the artichoke has very likely been sitting out far too long. - Furthermore, the stem will look brown if was cut for just a few hours.

Tips On How To Choose An Artichoke

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Types Of Artichoke Plant

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To properly trim an artichoke isn’t so complicated. You just have to understand the process. It requires putting in some extra work after you must have harvested it so it becomes edible.

How To Properly Trim Artichoke

Some parts of the artichoke aren’t ideal or pleasant to eat. These unpleasant sides include the stem, the hard outer leaves, and the choke itself. The main focus for preparing artichoke is centered around removing the bits.

Preparing Artichoke

To store artichoke, put them in a loosely wrapped plastic in the fridge. If the artichoke is fresh, it can last up to a week. But it’s best you use them as soon as possible to enjoy their freshness.

Storing Artichoke

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