Proper Care For Dusty Miller Plant

Dusty miller plant tends to complement many blooms in the garden because of its attractive lacy leaves. Once the dusty miller has been planted, it won’t be needing much maintenance.

In order to grow this plant successfully, the maintenance and attention it gets matters also. Below are the major things that need to be put into consideration when you want to plant and get the best of it. 

How To Care For Dusty Miller

1.    Required Temperature 2.    Sunlight 3.    Height And Spacing Requirement 4.    Fertilizer

How To Care For Dusty Miller

Pinching: Pinching your dusty miller simply requires the use of your finger.  – Trim With Pruner: The use of pruner is usually required if you’ve not trimmed your dusty miller for a long time and this has been piled up.

How To Prune Dusty Miller

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