Rescue an Overwatered String of Hearts

There are some signs you will notice when the plant has received too much water. This is one common issue different growers face

You need to determine or identify the issue your plant is facing. The signs will give you a hint if your plant is suffering from overwatering or not. 

Overwatered String Of Heart

Yellowing of Leaves: This yellowing of leaves is due to iron deficiency in the plant...


Drooping and Wilting Leaves:This is a result of the plant undergoing stress. and trying to get rid of enough energy-draining elements possible.


Black or Brown Spots on The Leaves: When transpiration fails.. Edema: A plant that burst from excess water...  


You can repot the plant into new soil. However, if there is serious damage to the root, just propagate and produce new plants...

Overwatered String Of Heart Troubleshooting

-Keep the Plant Out of Harsh Sun. -Take Out the Plant From the Pot and Let it Dry. -Obtain the Appropriate Soil. -Select the Appropriate Pot Size 


Propagation is usually needed when the plant has had extensive damage. Take cuttings and placing them in water or soil to grow fresh roots and leaves.


Prepare an airy soil mix. Cut off different vines with nodes. Pot the cuttings into the soil. Then you should water the plant.

Soil Propagation 

Take some healthy cuttings from the plant. Put some clean water into a glass and put the cuttings and the roots...

Water Propagation 

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