Roasting Green Chillies On The Stove -  A How To Guide

Generally, chili peppers are used as an added spice in various cuisines and it gives that sharp heat to dishes.  Regardless of your kitchen setup, learning how to roast this pepper won’t be a bad idea. We have put together a list of various ways on how to roast green chiles on the stove for you to enjoy their great flavor.

Green Chiles usually their color will change from green to red or brownish-red as they ripen and mature. So will the intensity of their flavor matures and become spicier. 

What Are Green Chiles?

Green chiles are so much better to roast because of the flavor derived from roasting them is so amazing. Roasting them is even better than eating them raw.

Roasting Green Chiles

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How To Roast Green Chiles On The Stove & Other

1.    Roasting On The Gas Stove 2.    Roasting Using Griddle Or Comal 3.    Oven Roasting

Protect Your Hands and Eyes: The capsaicin produce by the chiles can burn your skin or hands. Ventilation: Fumes are usually emitted when roasting chiles and this can irritate your lungs.

Safety Tips When Handling Roasted Green Chile

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