Simple Solutions To Keep Potted Plants From Falling Over

Potted plants are an important part of your house decor, but they require a lot of care to keep them alive and healthy.

The most obvious way is to use pots with narrow bases. But this is not always possible, especially if you are using larger pots. 

How Do You Keep Them?

Choose The Right Pot   Choose The Right Material   Choose The Right Size   Choose The Right Height  Use Support To Keep The Potted Plants Upright 

Thick Brush Stroke

Keep Them From Falling Over

They require little space, you can easily move them around the house and they can be very decorative. But they need proper care and attention...

Caring For Potted Plants 

Potting mixes are available in the market, the most common mix is peat moss and perlite Watering is very important too. Plants require sunlight to grow.


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