Step By Step Guide On How To Propagate Sage

in this article, you will learn how sage cuttings can be propagated in water or soil. The two methods are perfect; however, the success rate at which the water method works is way higher than that if a rooting hormone is not used. The water method also gives you the opportunity of watching the roots grow in water.

Sage is a type of plant that is perennial and it is characterized by this stocky and woody stem. These stems produce sprigs of sage that is robust and full of flavor.  

Brief About Sage

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Step 1 – Obtain Sage Cuttings Step 2 – Strip Off The Leaves Step 3 – Begin The Structure Of The Root Step 4 – The Waiting Period For Plant Maturity (About 6 To Weeks) Step 5 – Adequately Care For The New Sage Plant

How To Propagate Sage: Step By Step Guide

Using a rooting hormone to propagate Sage will make cuttings develop roots successfully and quickly, however, using a rooting hormone is not necessary.

Using A Rooting Hormone To Propagate Sage Cuttings 

The process whereby new plants are being created from existing ones is called propagation. Propagation helps you make your personal herb garden larger with so many greens, thereby making provision for giving to friends and family.

The Reason For Propagating Sage

Sage cuttings can be taken any time all through the growing season. From spring to the beginning of summer is the best time to propagate Sage cuttings.

When To Take Sage Cutting

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