String Beans Varieties

All of these green beans are interchangeable in recipes, with each standing out in its delicacy. Some beans have a bit more texture and are chewy, while others are smooth and cook quickly. Bigger beans like Romanos take longer to cook than skinnier beans like haricot verts. With this information in mind, feel free to grow different types of string beans in your garden, mixing them around for a better crop.

There are over 500 cultivars of green beans, and some of them are not even green in color. You can grow purple, red, streaked, or white string beans if that’s what strikes your passion. 

Let’s Look At Some Fun Facts About Types Of String BeanS

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Different Types Of String Bean

Purple string bean Green bean Romano beans or flat beans or Italian green beans

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Different Types Of String Bean

Fillet beans or haricot verts or French green beans Long beans Wax beans

String beans require plenty of sun and tolerate different soil conditions. They do not require fertilizers because of their ability to draw nitrogen into the soil.

Caring For Types Of String BeanS

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