Super Oxygenated Water For Plants

Super oxygenated water in plants enhances nutrients absorption as well as root growth, especially in hydroponics. It will also assist the vegetative phase and flowering phase of your plant. This is why the importance of dissolved oxygen in plants cannot be overemphasized.

Oxygen is definitely good for plants. You might be wondering how plants need oxygen because they take in carbon dioxide in exchange for releasing oxygen. Even though this is true, plants do need oxygen just as you and I need oxygen to breathe.

Is Super Oxygenated Water Good for Plants?

Nutrients Absorption: super oxygenation of water in plants improves the absorption or uptake of nutrients from your plants’ roots. Sufficient Growth: super oxygenated water in your plant will increase your plant’s growth and development of roots resulting in better yield.

Importance of Super Oxygenated Water for Plants

Aerobic Respiration: oxygen is needed by the plant root system for aerobic respiration. This aerobic respiration is an essential activity that supplies the energy needed for plant root development. Prevent Root Rot: you need to make sure the root of your plants have access to adequate oxygen so they don’t start to rot.

Importance of Super Oxygenated Water for Plants

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How to Oxygenate Water for Plants

Water is an important factor especially when it comes to hydroponics. Oxygenated water is also a significant element in your hydroponics or aquaponics system for healthy growth.

Airstone: The pump in the hydroponics is attached to the air stone and the air is pushed through the stone. Air Diffusers: They are made up of bendable tubes having holes inside them which they use in distributing oxygen. Siphon: Siphon is a method that spontaneously drains water from a hydroponic grow bed.

How to Increase Dissolved Oxygen in Water for Hydroponics Plants

When it comes to aquaponics, it is essential for both your fish and plants to have adequate oxygen.

Oxygenated Water for Aquaponics Plants

Super oxygenated water is pretty important for the growth of your plants and the development of your plants’ roots. Therefore, always ensure you provide sufficient oxygen for your plants so you can enjoy bountiful yield.


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