The Ultimate List of Things You can Compost

When shopping to add nutrients to your soil, you need to be on the lookout for organic sources that contain the right nutrients to support the healthy growth and development of your plant. One such healthy nutrient source for the plant is compost.

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Benefits of Composting 

-It helps to support the production of beneficial microorganisms. -Reduce your dependency on chemical fertilizers.    -Helps to reduce carbon and methane emissions from your soil.

-Water helps to provide the moisture needed for decomposition to take place.  -Green materials are the organic waste products that form the compost.   -Brown materials are also ingredients that make up compost. 

The Basics of Composting 

Some of the materials mentioned here will not be acceptable to some of us due to the fear that these ingredients may support the emergence of pests in your garden or home.

Items You Can and Can’t Compost With 

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Green materials suitable for composting 

– Cooked plain  rice – Cooked plain  pasta – Seaweed – Cornhusk – Stale bread – Corn cobs

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Brown materials suitable for composting 

– Straw  – Shredded office papers  – Shredded newspapers – Pinecones  – Raffia – Bird nests

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Things you can’t compost with 

– Walnuts – Glass – Greasy foods boxes such as empty pizza box – Plastic  – Wrapping paper made from metal – Dead plants that contain diseases

You will need to make use of a bin when preparing your compost indoors. This bin you can easily purchase from your local gardening supply store or hardware store.

Indoor Composting

The best place for you to compost outside your home is at the back of the house or the side of your farm. There are several ways you can prepare your compost pile, but you need to make sure that whichever method you use, the three main ingredients need to be in place namely greens, browns, and water.

Composting Outside Your Home 

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