The Ultimate Plant Care Guide For Red Moon Philodendron

The red moon philodendron, due to its pale lime foliage, is a popular ornamental Philodendron. You can find it growing as a climber beneath large trees where it can get access to bright but stippled sunlight, in the rainforests.

Red moon philodendron naturally grows and thrives in a dense and tropical forest. If you wish to provide good care for red moon philodendron, the best thing is to mimic the natural conditions where this lovely plant is been grown. 

Red Moon Philodendron

1.    Light  Requirement 2.    Soil 3.    Temperature 4.    Humidity 5.    Fertilization

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Plant Care Guide

A guide test is before you water, try to check for the soil moisture with your hand. Dip your finger into about one inch of the soil and if it feels dry, then it’s time to water your red moon philodendron.

Watering Requirement For Red Moon Philodendron

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