Tilapia Temperature Requirements For Aquaponics

Tilapia is the most famous loving fish among aquaponics farmers. They are pretty forgiving when it comes to adaptation generally. However, the tilapia temperature requirements are quite demanding because they are temperature sensitive.

Firstly, you should know tilapia fish is a very tolerant fish. They can adapt to a poor or substandard water quality environment. They are not food selective and they can feed on nearly anything edible.  But they are pretty delicate when it comes to temperature.

What are Tilapia Temperature Requirements?

For all year round tilapia fish aquaponics system, recirculatory indoor systems are ideal. This is because the construction of the system can be insulated to preserve optimal heat for your tilapia fish.

Dealing with Tilapia in Colder Region

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Tilapia Water Temperature Adaptation with Cold Water

It’s not uncommon to see tilapia fish adapt to their environment being that they are quite forgiving. There are various species of tilapia fish. From generation to generation, they might adapt and withstand temperature changes over time.

As we have pointed out that most tilapia species are warm fish. The conclusion is that the temperature requirements of tilapia range from 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature below 50 degrees is fatal for your tilapia fish.

Raising Tilapia In Tanks

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