Transferring Soil Plants To Hydroponic

Transferring soil plants to hydroponic is quite possible if you follow the right steps. Rather than waiting on germinating seeds and growling seedlings, you can simply send them into the soil...

The following materials are required for transferring your soil plant into a hydroponic system: A plant from dirt. Water to wash off the root system. Growing medium. Net pots. Hydroponic system.

Materials Needed

1. Use Matured Plants Only 2. Remove Plants From Soil 3. Remove Soil And Clean The Plant 4. Place In Hydroponic Net Pots 5. Add Appropriate Nutrients 6. Leave Set Up In The Dark

Steps On Transferring Soil Into hydroponic

Thick Brush Stroke

Use Matured Plants Only

The first thing is to obtain your plant or seedlings and make sure they are fit enough for the transition. Use seedlings that are at least 3 inches tall.

With care, remove the plant from the soil and ensure you don’t pull it out. Make sure the roots are safe and intact as you carefully take them out.

Remove Plants From Soil

Next, carefully give the root a little tap and remove the dirt around the plants still ensuring the root is safe. After doing this, go ahead and rinse the plant with water...

Remove Soil And Clean The Plant

The transition of soil plants into a hydroponic system needs to be done accurately to avoid plant shock. If you follow our guidelines, you can be sure of a successful transition.


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