Types Of Rooting Hormones

Let’s discuss types of rooting hormones. Plants cuttings are easy to propagate. However, for successful propagation, they require a key element known as rooting hormones. 

Rooting hormones are gel stimulants which contain natural chemicals for plans and it’s used to signal root growth especially for cuttings. These rooting hormones are produced by plants naturally for root growth. 

What Is Rooting Hormone?

There are 3 major types of rooting hormones namely: liquid rooting hormone, gel rooting hormone, and powder rooting hormone.

Types Of Rooting Hormones

1. Liquid The liquid rooting hormone is one of the most common types of rooting hormone. .


2. Gel Out of the various types of rooting hormone, the gel is the most loved among growers.


3. Powder Powder rooting hormone lasts longer as it offers more shelf life.


You may be surprised you may have a rooting hormone in your house. Honey is one perfect example of homemade rooting hormone.

Homemade Rooting Hormones

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Growers depend on rooting hormone for propagation cuttings and it has been showing great results ever since. Rooting hormone is a key element that will stimulate the growth of roots to give you a successful propagation and there are various types of rooting hormone to choose from.


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