Types Of Vining Cucumbers

Growing vining cucumbers will require more space because they tend to grow larger. The good thing is that they will produce more fruits compared to bush varieties. In this post, we will be discussing what you need to know about vining cucumber varieties.

Types Of Cucumber

Bush Cucumber: Bushy cucumber variety grows in a bushy or compact manner.  Vining Cucumber: Vining cucumber grows in a climbing manner.  

Vining cucumber plants do climb as they grow. Climbing cucumbers or vining cucumbers usually spread and climb up in a vertical manner.

Climbing Cucumber

These vining cucumber varieties tend to grow on strong and vigorous vines and these vines are shaded by large leaves.

Vining Cucumber Varietie

To get a more successful result and less stressful work, we recommend you grow vining cucumbers on a fence. You grow them on a fence by training them using a trellis.

Growing Cucumbers On A Fence

To begin your climbing cucumber, you can make use of an existing fence in your garden. If there is no existing fence in your garden, then you should make one. You can begin planting your vining cucumber.

Growing Fenced Cucumber

Thick Brush Stroke


-Saves more space.  -It’s much easier to harvest. -Utilizing lesser space.  -They require at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.  -Pest and diseases can be easily monitored or controlled.

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