Unique Types Of Squash

Many people know about butternut squash or zucchinis, there are some rare types of squash that are also great for growing in your garden as well. Though some of these varieties of squash are not as well known, they are still delicious and make a great addition to your garden.

Squash is a family of plants that comes in many varieties. The varieties can be broken down into winter or summer squash. Though culinarily it is considered to be a vegetable, botanically it is technically a fruit since it contains fruit. 

What Is A Squash?

The major difference between summer squash and winter squash is their skins. Winter squash has tough skins that are not edible whereas summer squash has thin skins that you can eat.

Winter vs Summer

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Types Of Rare Squash

Carnival Turban Delicata Lakota Buttercup

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Types Of Rare Squash

Buttercup Kabocha Blue Hubbard Honeynut Red Kuri

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