Using Cardboard As A Weed Barrier

There are several factors that can be used to explain why using cardboard in a vegetable garden would be a good idea. It is the purpose of this article to help you understand why this is so and how to use it to your advantage.

This question might seem to be quite obvious but before we proceed with the explanation, we should know what kind of benefits we can expect from this method. 

Why Use Cardboard As A Weed Barrier?

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Ease of Use  Cost-Effective  Environmental  Friendly  Versatile 

 cardboard as a weed barrier 

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First, you need to prepare the area where you are going to use it. You should clean the soil and remove all weeds. Then, if you are using cardboard that has been painted, you should paint it with white or light-colored paint.  

How To Use Cardboard As A Weed Barrier

You can use corrugated cardboard. I use this to contain weeds in my garden. It’s cheap, it lasts a long time, and it’s pretty easy to install. A: You might try some of the old “bulk” cardboard boxes that come from the store.

What Kind Of Cardboard Is Good For Use As A Weed Barrier

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