What Cfl Light Is Best For Growing?

We will require some information such as the wattage of the bulb, the size of each of your plants, and grow room size.

The most powerful CFLs are the ones with the most lumens, so a 100W light bulb would be better than a 25W bulb....

What CFL light is best for growing?

I prefer warm white CFL bulbs (2700K) but I've also seen people say they work well with cooler CFLs.

What CFL light is best for growing?

It's easy to calculate the number of CFLs needed. Let's say the number of square feet of your seedling room is 10' x 12'.

How many CFLs are needed for seedlings?

If you're talking about seedlings (like lettuce) and not plants, the answer is two per plant. For example, I have 2-4 seedlings per plant..

The number of CFLs needed is 

For seeds I would recommend using a CFL with an output of 150 watts or less (150W, 75W, 35W, 15W, etc.).

What kinds of works well with CFL’s?

You want to keep them anywhere between 4 to 6 inches away from your plants. If you put them any farther away they won't receive enough to grow.

How far away should CFLs be from plant?

We have concluded that how many CFLs watts per plant required is about 150 watts or less per square foot.

How Many CFLs Per Plant 

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