What Do Tomato Hornworms Feed On?

Some varieties are sphinx moths, hawk moths, tobacco worms, white-lined sphinx worms, and more. So what do tomato hornworms eat? The species tomato hornworm is called that because it mostly loves to eat tomato plant leaves. As for the tobacco hornworm, it prefers tobacco plant leaves.

Tomato Hornworms And What They Eat

You can say they are the truly ‘hungry caterpillar’. If they get enough food to eat, it is possible they become twice as big as they were before every day. Furthermore, some species of hornworms are bigger in size than others. 

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What Do Tomato Hornworm Eat?

The Tomato Plants Vegetables Tobacco Hornworm Chow Silkworm Chow Or Mulberry Leaves Grapevine Leaves Dandelion Leaves

Yellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf

Hornworms have the ability to devour or eat leaves, especially nightshade family food. If they have access to enough food and the temperature is warm like about 82 degrees Fahrenheit, it is possible they become twice as big as they were in a day.

How Much Do Hornworms Eat?

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