What Is A Bulkhead Fitting For Aquaponics

The question we’re going to be answering today is: what is a bulkhead fitting? A bulkhead fitting is a point of attachment for connecting pipes to tanks or reservoirs.

Bulkhead fitting materials are usually made of fortified and long-lasting components such as PVC, brass, plastic, and other quality materials. Most parts you will find in bulkhead fittings consist mainly of 3 parts.

Main Parts Of Bulkhead Fitting

Body of Bulkhead: the first part of the bulkhead is the body which is the exterior and interior threads.


Gasket: the next part of the bulkhead is the gasket. It might come in one or two.


Nut: the third and last part is the nut or locknut. The nut is attached to the exterior thread.

Below are the steps to installing bulkhead fittings:


1. Hole Drilling: a bulkhead fitting is installed by first cutting or drilling a hole by the bottom of the tank or reservoir to which the pipes can be connected.


2. Bulkhead Fitting: after drilling the hole, you can now insert the bulkhead fitting with the threads inside or outside the tank or reservoir ...


3. Gasket and Locknut Fittings: then fit the gasket into place.

Bulkhead fitting will create a perfectly tight liquid sealed connection. They are great for hydroponics or aquaponics plumbing connections. ...

Benefits Of Using Bulkhead Fittings

They are used in hot water pipe systems especially the brass bulkhead fittings. ...

Other Uses of Bulkhead Pipe Fitting

Anytime you purchase a bulkhead fitting, always consider the type of liquid that will flow through your fittings.

What To Consider When Purchasing Bulkhead Fittings

With that said, we do hope you have grabbed one or two things about what a bulkhead fitting is. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment and we will respond.


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