What Is A Carrot Called Botanically?

The wild carrot applies to the long edible tapering taproot of the cultivated type. The taproots are orange in color, and they also have a variety of colors depending on the cultivar you growing.  They include pink, white, yellow, or purple and have a crisp texture when freshly harvested.

The scientific name of a carrot, also known as the botanical name, is Daucus carota. It is a member of the Apiaceae or Umbelliferae family. This family consists of aromatic plants with hollow stems.

The Botanical Name Of Carrot And Its Background

The wild carrot is also known as Queen Anne’s lace or bishops lace. It is a flowering plant in the family of Apiaceae that is native to temperate regions of Southwest Asia and Europe.

The Wild Carrot

The Western group includes carrot plants whose roots do not branch out and their leaves have deeper lobes with blooming taking place in the second year. The Eastern group includes carrots whose roots branch out, and their leaves do not have the lobes, and blooming occurs within the first year.

The Family Genus And Species Of Cultivated Carrot

The cultivated carrot is a cool-season biennial vegetable that grows as an annual for its edible fleshy root. The first year the leaves grow reaching a height of about 50 cm and the second year the plant flowers with the final height of about 1.20 to 1.50 m.

The Cultivated Carrot

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