What Is Azomite And How To Use It In Gardening

Azomite mineral contains micronutrients that supplement the soil. It also balances the minerals for growth and overall productivity. Constant use of this mineral rejuvenates your soil renewing its potency again.

Azomite is a naturally mined mineral product that is ready to use. It’s a unique rock that comes from a mine in central Utah.  Azomite requires no mixing or special preparation before use. It is derived from volcano ash that spewed out millions of years ago.


• It’s a natural mineral – 100% natural with no fillers or additives • Does not contain any harmful elements • Requires no special preparation before use • It’s odorless – very friendly to use • Does not restrict water penetration or aeration • Is easily broken down and absorbed into the soil • Does not burn plants

Facts About Azomite Fertilizer

It should accompany compost, manures, hummus, or other fertilizers. It provides additional nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. It can either be lightly turned into the soil surface or applied in the row when planting.

How To Use Azomite For Plants

Thick Brush Stroke

Azomite Application Rate

When Planting


For House Plants


For Gardens


For Trees


New Lawns


Established Lawns


When Transplanting Seedlings

Nature has a way of healing itself if we give it that chance. Volcanic eruptions are dangerous especially to those living around the area, but what a blessing in disguise to get the volcanic ash to feed the soil and plants in return! This is above comprehension. Organic farming never got any better!


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