What Is Better - Purple Basil Or Green Basil?

We have the green basil and there is also the purple basil. But what’s the difference between purple basil vs green basil? The nutritious basil herb serves as vitamin seasoning for different dishes. Basil also offers healing properties in many ways.

Most basil we know of is green. But we also have purple basil type. Purple basil is an unusual and attractive type of basil and they are a cultivar of sweet basil. It has this lovely coppery glow.  

What Is Purple Basil?

Almost all basil plant tends to be green. Some of the green basil we have include holy basil, Thai basil, lemon basil, Genovese basil, cinnamon basil, and many more.

Green Basil’s Plant

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Purple Basil vs Green Basil

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Just like every other basil plant, purple basil is also an edible plant. You can make use of the purple basil for pesto or as a garnish. Purple basil also pairs well with many dishes such as pasta, fruits, vegetables, tomatoes, and so on.

Is Purple Basil Edible?

The taste of purple basil is clove-like with a bit of spicy flavor. However, the taste of purple basil isn’t as great tasting compared to some basil varieties.

What Does The Purple Basil Taste Like?

Purple basil is not like the regular green basil. Therefore, it doesn’t taste the same way green basil does. Purple basil is not as sweet compared to other basil varieties.

Does Purple Basil Taste The Same As Green?

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Why Is Purple Basil Not Purple: Purple Basil Turning Green

Fading Of Purple Pigment Basil Variety Selected Genetic Problem


You can actually maintain the purple color of basil with adequate care. However, this is possible only when it comes to light situation control.

Can Purple Basil’s Color Tone Be Maintained?

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