What Is The Beast For Plants - Brown Or Green Compost?

The best type of compost is made from the leftover parts of plants, known as kitchen scraps and garden waste. When composting is done properly, it will be rich in nutrients for your garden. Compost is usually either brown or green but can also be a mixture of the two. In this article, we are going to go through the differences between these types of compost.

Brown compost is created from plant material that has been shredded or turned into smaller pieces. The material can be animal or vegetable matter such as leaves, grass, twigs, fruit, wood, and even manure.

What Is Brown Vs Green Compost?

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What Is Brown Vs Green Compost Used For?

Soil building and improving soil health  

Strawberry, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender plantings 

As a mulch for beds and containers 

Brown vs green compost differences are caused by the materials used in both processes, and the differences are not significant enough to cause any adverse effects.

Differences Between Brown Vs Green Compost

-Brown Compost is made from kitchen wastes like meat scraps, bones, eggshells etc. -Green Compost is made from yard waste like leaves, grass clippings, and vegetable peels.

Differences Between Brown Vs Green Compost

-Brown Compost has high levels of nitrogen because it contains more carbon than nitrogen. -Green Compost has a lower nitrogen content than brown compost because it does not contain as much carbon.

Differences Between Brown Vs Green Compost

To make compost, you need to collect kitchen and yard wastes and mix them with water and anaerobic material such as sawdust or newspaper. These materials are then left out in the sun to break down for three to six months.

Making Homemade  Brown Vs Green Compost

Green compost can be used in place of black soil for the following reasons: Black soil has a C/N ratio between 12 and 15.  Black soil will quickly burn plants if they are not kept moist.

What Should You Use Green Or Brown Compost For?

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