What Is The Difference Between Boston Lettuce And Butter Lettuce?

Both Boston lettuce and Butter lettuce are a variety of green lettuce and they are the two most popular lettuce varieties in North America. These two green lettuce varieties are closely related. But what we really want to know is, are there any differences between these two green lettuce varieties?

So the question we want to find out is if Boston lettuce is the same as Butter lettuce. When it comes to Butter lettuce vs Boston lettuce, they may be closely related, but there are still some slight differences between them. 

Boston Lettuce vs Butter Lettuce

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Boston Lettuce vs Butter Lettuce

Boston Lettuce: tends to be small, round, and has a loosely formed head.  Butter Lettuce: is a smaller size and the head can be compared to the size of a fist.  


Butter lettuce is a lettuce type that includes Bibb lettuce and its appearance has a bright green or deep reddish-purple hue (or a combination of both at times). Its leaves are so sweet and tender in texture.

Butter Lettuce

You can apply them as a nice material to wrap ingredients such as seasoned chicken salad, beef, taco fixings, pulled pork, as well as hamburger. You can also use them in sandwiches.

Applications Of Butter Lettuce

Boston lettuce is also known as Tom Thumb, Bibb lettuce, and Buttercrunch. This lettuce variety was developed John Bibb who was a farmer in Kentucky. It was a hybrid of Boston lettuce in the mid-1800s.

Boston Lettuce

Boston lettuce varieties are as well excellent in the use for salad. It can also be used in sandwiches. The leaves of Boston lettuce are great materials to be used as a bed for other dishes.

Applications Of Boston Lettuce

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