What Is The Difference Between Cherry Tomatoes And Grape Tomatoes?

From sauces to sandwiches and everything in-between, tomatoes are a popular ingredient in many dishes. Though culinary wise they are referred to as a vegetable, they are actually botanically a fruit. They come in many different varieties and are all delicious and full of health benefits.

The origins of tomatoes trace back to the Aztecas in around 700 AD, which leads many to believe that they are native to South America. Around the 16th century, the tomato was introduced to Europe after explorers brought them back from the New World. 

Brief History Of Tomatoe

Cherry tomatoes get their names since they are shaped like cherries. They are round with thin skins and a high water content. They are generally softer than grape tomatoes and tend to be squisher as well.

What’s The Difference Between Cherry And Grape Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes tend to be sweet in flavor, though some can be a bit tart. Though they are often red in color, they can also be orange or yellow. They are popular for having a crisp bite and fresh flavor.

Flavor Profile And Color

Cherry tomatoes are great for sauces, salads, kebabs, and roasting. In addition, they are also great for stuffing. Grape tomatoes are ideal for salads, sauces, roasting, and grilling. You can eat both types raw or cooked.

Common UseS

For the most part, you can use cherry and grape tomatoes interchangeably in your recipes. Some people prefer one variety over the other, but they will often both work well in recipes that call for one or the other.

Can You Use Them Interchangeably?

Tomatoes do best when you store them at room temperature, in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Since they are fragile, it is best to store them in a paper bag or a Tupperware container.

Proper Storage

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