What Is The Number Of CFLs For Each Plant?

CFLs are one of the most common grow lights used among indoor growers. It is the wish of every grower to satisfy the lighting needs of their plants. So, if you want to know how many CFLs are required per plant. We will require some information such as the wattage of the bulb, the size of each of your plants, and grow room size. So, keep reading to learn how many CFLs are required per plant.

Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs is a nice source of light supplements you can provide your plants. you can be sure your plants receive the appropriate light wavelengths for them to flourish. 

Growing With CFLs Light

we need to know the plant size and bulb wattage to determine how many CFLs are required per plant.

How Many CFLs Is Required Per Plant

Around 60 to 100 watts per square foot. This is ideal especially for high light demanding plants. You can however go a bit higher even as high as 150 watts.

How Many CFL Watts Per Plant?

When you are considering how many CFLs per plant are required, focus on the actual wattage, not the labeled wattage.

Actual Wattage vs. Listed Wattage

Your CFL bulbs should be positioned on every side so your plants can receive good lightning. You can place the CFL grow light close to your plants because they are safe and will not emit too much heat.

CFL Grow Setup

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