What Kinds Of HID Grow Lights Are Available?

When it comes to indoor gardening, growers need to choose suitable grow lights that will help boost plant growth and yield. As a grower, you need to know the appropriate type of grow light to use for your indoor garden. Although, LED and fluorescent grow lights are still one of the leading types of grow light.

First, HID stands for high-intensity discharge lights. Hence, this type of grow light is used to grow plants that need a higher intensity of light compared to other types of low intensifying lights.  

What Are HID Grow Lights?

– A bulb – A ballast used to power the high-intensity discharge (HID) – Then a reflector or a hood is used to maximize the efficiency of the bulb (and this is done by directing the light over the surface of the plant).

The Main Components Of HID Grow Light

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The Two Types Of HID Grow Light

1.    Metal Halide 2.    High Pressure sodium (HPS)


You should know that both metal halide and high-pressure sodium emit heat. So the right distance to mount these grow lights should be noted.

More About HID Grow Light

LED strips can help boost the growth of our indoor plants. However, using them alone won’t be bright enough to help most seedlings to develop.

Led Grow Light Strip

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