What Led Is Best For Growing - COD or SMD?

LED lights are very popular and preferred by many indoor growers because of their durability and efficiency. They are also less power-consuming. However, not all LED models are the same. There are different models in the market today which COB and SMD are one of them. But what differentiates these two great LED models? We will be discussing what COB vs SMD LED will offer your plants for their growing needs

First, we define what COB LED grow light design is. COB is known to be more heat efficient and offers better or quality lumen per wattage. They are built with many or multiple diodes on are a single surface. 

COB Grow Light

The COB LED grow light offers a complete spectrum which is required by your plants to flourish. The complete spectrum is tailored to suit your plants’ development.

Full Spectrum COB LED

SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device and this type of LED light is built to have a specific spectrum in each diode. They are one of the most common types of LED shared in the market.

SMD Grow Light

Thick Brush Stroke

COB vs. SMD LED For Growing

1. Lumen per watt 2. Diode 3. Versatility 4. Brightne 

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