What Plants Require Calcium?

Some plants that need calcium will not be able to blossom optimally until they are provided with sufficient calcium. An understanding of this will go a long way to influence the fertilizer applied. A fertilizer that adds a nutrient that is not required by a plant is of less use.


What Calcium Means For Plant

Calcium is very essential for virtually all living organisms, including plants. Confused as to what calcium really means. It is simply an alkaline material with wide distribution in the earth.

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Which Plants Really Need Calcium

Apples Citrus Carrots And Potatoes Lettuce Tomatoes Extra Note


In addition, calcium application in the soil helps to counteract the effect of alkali salts and other organic acids. Adding calcium to the soil has the effect of giving your soil vitamin.

How Does Calcium Affect Plant Growth

You can do this by adding lime to the soil during autumn. Also, an addition of eggshells in your compost will aid the plant consumption of calcium.

Tips On How To Raise Calcium In Soil

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