What To Do If You Have Over Watered Your Cucumbers

Too much water can damage the cucumber plants when their roots sit in a waterlogged area for too long. This in turn causes the roots to be depleted of oxygen and encourages the growth of toxic fungi that can destroy your cucumber plants.

Over-watering your cucumbers can be pretty detrimental to the health of the plant. When cucumber plants have been overwatered, you begin to notice some adverse symptoms.

Overwatered Cucumber Plant

Thick Brush Stroke

Symptoms Of Over Watering Cucumber

1.    Yellowing Of Leaves & Crispy Edge 2.    Root Rot 3.    Powdery Mildew


The first thing is to cease watering the cucumber plants and leave them for several days to let the soil dry. If your cucumbers are grown in a container pot, bring them out and sundry them.

Saving Over-watered Cucumbers Plant

Watering cucumber plants the right way is the key to having a healthy and thriving plant. Cucumber plants are to be watered less in cooler spring temperatures when they’ve been planted first.

How Much Water Do Cucumbers Need?

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