What To Do If Your Tomato Seedlings Fall?

It would be nice to know why your tomato plant seedlings are falling over so you can sort the problem and get them back to growing correctly.This is a common problem that most gardeners experience when growing tomatoes seedlings. We will take a closer look at things that make your tomato plants fall over.

Why Are My Tomato Seedlings Falling Over?

There are several reasons why your tomato plants could be falling over.  This depends on the age of the plant and the environment it is growing in. 

The most likely cause of young seedlings falling over is the lack of light or damping-off caused by a fungus attack. Damping-off is a plant disease known to weaken or kill seedlings. It is caused by a fungus commonly found in wet and cool soil.

Tomato seedlings – Damping-Off

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How To Prevent Damping-Off Of Tomato Seedlings

 Keep your Soil Warm and Moist   Sterilize your Soil before Planting  Quarantine your Plants 

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Brown Rice
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Your seedlings might not show any signs of damping-off but still suffer from falling over.  In this case, lack of enough light could be the reason why they are falling over.

Tomato Seedlings – Lack Of Enough Light Effect

Small tomato plants ready for transplanting into the garden are most likely to fall over due to transplanting shock or lack of hardening off.

For Young Tomato Plant

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What Causes Transplant Shock To Your Plants?

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Root damage: happens during transplanting if seedlings grow too close together and their roots get tangled up.  Lack of hardening off: they are likely to go into shock when they are outside.

-Prune your Tomato Vines: As your tomato plants grow they produce many suckers, which develop into large branches with leaves. -Support your Tomatoes: You can use stake, trellises, or cages to support your plants.  

How To Keep Your Tomatoes From Falling Over

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