What UVA/UVB Lights Are Best For Plants?

Even though most of our knowledge on ultraviolet light seems to be undesirable, a bit of ultraviolet light is still safe. UV light is divided into 3 groups according to their wavelengths and are UVA, UVB, and UVC. In this post, we will be discussing if UVA/UVB lights are good for plants.  So, let’s dive in and explore how UVA/UVB lights affect the growth of your plants.

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation which has radiation shorter than visible light and is present in the sun. 

Ultra Violet Lights & Their Types

1. UVA: the ultraviolet A wavelength ranges from 320 to 400nm.  2. UVB: the wavelength of the ultraviolet B ranges from 290 to 320nm.   3. UVC: the wavelength of ultraviolet C ranges from 100 to 290nm. 

There are 3 different types of ultraviolet lights and they include:

Thick Brush Stroke

Benefits Of UVA/UVB Lights For Plant

Antioxidant Production 

Enhance TCH & CBD

Trichomes Production 

Enhance Germination 

Reduces Plant Shock 

Uva uvb grow lights duplicate the natural sunlight in a very close range. However, you should know not all grow light contains ultraviolet light.

UV Lights In Grow Light

In a low dose, ultraviolet lights are safe for plants. However, when they become too much, they will cause harm to your plants.  Ultraviolet lights can penetrate through your glass windows and cause harm to your plants if they are not positioned properly.

Too Much UVA/UVB Light For Plant

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