What Worms Will Eat Your Tomato Plants?

Worms will commonly eat the leaves, stems, flowers, and fruit of your tomato plant. This can be problematic for your plant, as they can destroy it. Fortunately, by identifying these types of worms you can then know how to keep them away.

Species Of Worms That Eat Tomato Plant

No gardener ever wants to see worms eating their tomatoes. It can be frustrating to see all the hard work that went into maintaining your garden ruined by a bunch of hungry insects. 

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Tomato Hornworm Looper Armyworm Cutworm

Yellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf

If you notice worms on your tomato plants, you can carefully pick them off your plants while wearing gloves. Though it can be time-consuming, it is an easy and free way to get rid of your worm problem.

How To Get Rid Of Worms On Your Tomato Plant

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