When Are Tomatillos Ripe?

Physalis philadephica and Physalis ixocarpa are the two types of tomatillos that are native to America. When tomatillos are ripe is what we would like to know but before we look into this let’s briefly discuss growing tomatillos. So, please continue to read to find out.

When are tomatillos ripe and ready to be picked? Well, the fruit of tomatillos should be ripe and ready for picking once you notice that the papery husk that surrounds the fruit turns green to tan. Then they will begin to split.

When Are Tomatillos Ripe?

·  Gently twisting the plant with a garden pruner. ·  Peel the back a little part of the husk and ensure the fruit is blemish-free. ·  Wash the fruit with mild soapy water.

Harvesting TomatilloS

You can store them in their husk for around two weeks in a paper bag in the section for crisper vegetables in the refrigerator.

Storage Of Tomatillos

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