When You Should Pick Butternut Squash

When the fall period begins to approach, most growers wonder when they can harvest their butternut squash so they can be stored and doesn’t get damaged. Inappropriate harvest time can result in conditions that will make your butternut squash inadequate for prolonged storage thereby facing issues.

This may be your first time growing butternut squash and you’re wondering when they are ready to pick. Well, the answer is pretty easy but you have to consider a couple of things when it comes to picking and storing this nutritious vegetable 

Butternut Squash, When To Pick

Harvesting butternut squash at the appropriate time requires you to follow the prescribed harvesting time so you can store them appropriately.

When Do You Pick Butternut Squash?

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Signs To Know When Butternut Squash Is Ready To Pick

1. Appearance 2. Toughne 3. Length 4. Observe  The Stem

Harvest your butternut squash the right way by making use of a sharp knife to carefully cut the fruit from the vine. At the same time, ensure you still have about 2 inches of stem still attached to the squash.

How To Harvest Butternut Squash

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Storing Butternut Squash

On a Table or Shelf  Store in a Dry  Place or Room   Cut and Store

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