When You Should Water Your Basil Plant

It is crucial you keep your basil plant happy by giving them the right conditions and watering is one crucial factor. So, how often do you water a basil plant? Let’s look into how frequently you should water your basil plants.

  Basil should be watered at least every 3 or 4 days to keep them flourishing. Watering will also depend on temperatures and other weather conditions.

How Often To Water Basil

Temperature: If the temperature is high, more watering will be required and vice versa. – Indoor or Outdoor and Soil Type: Another factor to consider when watering your basil plant is if you’re planting indoors or outdoors.

Factors To Consider On How Often To Water Basil Plant

For basil planted outdoors in the garden, watering should be done once weekly especially when it is raining season.

How Often To Water Outdoor Basil Plant

Basil plant that always remains indoors should be watered every 3 to 5 days. However, you should make adjustments depending on the indoor conditions.

How Often To Water Indoor Container Basil PlantS

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Basil Plants Care

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