When’s the Perfect Time to Add Molasses to Your Plants?

As someone who’s been growing his own plants, I can say that one of the most beneficial nutrients I gave my crops is sugar. I know it might sound weird; after all, sugar is deemed unhealthy for people. However, the same can’t be applied to plants. 

When plants start to mature and bloom, they will need more carbohydrates than they can produce. While molasses can be beneficial for plants throughout their entire life cycle, it is best if you add it during your plants’ transition from their ...

When to Add Molasses to Plants

Molasses is basically the by-product of sugar beets or sugar cane and is extracted from the said crops to collect a highly viscous liquid.

What is Molasses?

Using molasses for growing plants is actually something that has been put into practice for quite some time already. Since it contains a lot of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, ...

Using Molasses for Gardening

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Benefits of Using Molasses on Plants

It Comes with High Carbohydrate Content


It Contains Trace Minerals


It Can Act as a Chelating Agent

Now that you’ve known when you should apply molasses on your plants, the next step is to actually apply it. Before you do so, do keep in mind that adding molasses into your plant’s ...

How to Apply It on Your Plants

Apart from giving plants a major boost, molasses is also capable of warding off pests, thereby making your garden pest-free. Based on experience, I was able to enjoy healthy plants by adding molasses into my fertilizer solution.


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