Where To Buy Compost Tea And How To Apply It

There are lots of benefits to using compost tea in your garden. If you are wondering where to buy compost tea we have an answer for you here. We will let you know where you can buy compost tea and what your plants stand to benefit from it.

Compost tea is a mixture of liquid nutrients and beneficial, oxygen-loving microbes found in finished compost...

What is Compost Tea

One place you can buy compost tea is in the stores. They are usually sold in powder form. They can be purchased in manufacturing industries and farms...

Where to Buy Compost Tea

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How to Make Compost Tea, DIY

Preparing compost tea can be a bit messy but it’s quite simple to make. It will even be easier if you already make your own composting or vermicomposting. First is to get matured compost and put about 5 handfuls of compost in a 5-gallon bucket...

Compost tea should be applied on cool and clear days with temperatures above freezing and below 80 degrees Fahrenheit...

Applying Compost Tea Correctly

Your garden will enjoy lots of benefits from compost tea. Therefore, these benefits include: Compost tea comprises of higher concentration of helpful microorganisms...

Benefits of Using Compost Tea

You can water your plants with compost tea about once a week. Therefore, apply and water your plant with compost tea as often as you want. They will never burn your plants and they will generate adequate nutrients for your plant growth.


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