Why Aren't Mushrooms A Plant?

Fungi can be single-celled or very complex multicellular organisms that often grow on dead organic matter, such as wood, plant material, and others.

A mushroom is a fungus that forms fruiting bodies and spores. Fruiting bodies are the reproductive structures of the mushroom. 

What is a mushroom classified as?

A spore-producing structure called a stalk grows from the base of the cap. Mushroom stalks can also be free-standing or attached to the substrate.


Yes. Mushrooms are basidiomycetes which are a diverse and abundant group of fungi.

Does mushroom belong to Basidiomycetes?

They comprise of around 1/3 of all known fungal species. 

Mushrooms are basidiomycetes 

Plants are the dominant life forms on Earth. Plants have a root system, photosynthetic leaves, and reproductive structures. Mushrooms are not plants.

Why is a mushroom not a plant?

They do not have roots, they do not produce chlorophyll, and they do not photosynthesize. Mushrooms are fungi that form fruiting bodies and spores.

Mushrooms are not plants 

An autotroph is a type of organism that can produce its own food using inorganic substances. So, autotrphos are producers.

Are all Autotrophs producers?

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