Why Green Peppers Turn Red Explained

Peppers are essential cuisines of tropical Asia as well as equatorial America. The pepper plant has been widely grown in South America and Central America and they are now been grown all over the world. The difference between green peppers and red peppers is purely time. It is the timeframe these fruits have been left to mature on the vine.

Usually, the colors of peppers or bell peppers are inclined to change from green to yellow, to orange, and then red. These changes depend on how long they are allowed to mature on the vine. 

Why Do Green Peppers Turn Red?

Green pepper tends to taste slightly bitter while red pepper tastes much better. This is because as the maturity of the pepper progresses, the fruit is liable to become sweeter.

Green Pepper Turning Red: Which Pepper Is Sweeter?

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Helpful Tips On Ripening Or Turning Green Pepper To Red

Ripening green pepper using the paper bag method Ripening green pepper using windowsill method Ripening green pepper using the branch method

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Ripening Green Pepper On The Vine

1. Enhance the natural process of pepper ripening 2. Adequate nutrition supply 3. Trimming

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