Will A Tomato Worm Bite You?

The huge green tomato worm can grow up to 4 or 5 inches long and they are one of the longest types of caterpillar. There is nothing more devastating than finding tomato worms in your garden feeding on your sweet tomato fruits. The fact that tomato worm has stinger-like horn shape, some may be scared of them. So, if you’ve got tomato worms in your garden and you’re wondering if they bite then you should read on to know the answer to this.

Tomato worm also knows as hornworms are huge caterpillar that has a tail that looks like a horn. They love to chew on tomatoes meaning tomato is their favorite food. They not only fruits, but they can also feed on plant leaves as well as their stems. 

What Are Tomato Worms?

Even though these worms may look scary and savage, they are not stinger. Therefore tomato worms do not bite. They are harmless to humans and you can even pick them up off your plants anytime you sight them.

Do Tomato Worms Bite?

Tomato worm comes from eggs laid by the adult moth. These moths are huge heavy-bodied insects that have narrow front wings.

Where Do Tomato Worms Come From?

The tomato worm life cycle begins as eggs laid by the adult moths. These eggs are laid by the female after mating around summer and the eggs are laid on the host such as tomato, pepper, eggplant, etc.

Life Cycle

Once you notice any caterpillar of about 4 to 5 inches of green color and horn-like shape on your plant, then that’s a sign of tomato worm infestation. You need to act fast.

Identifying Caterpillar On Tomato Plant

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Controlling Tomato WormS

Handpicking Spray Plant With Soap And  Water Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT)

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Controlling Tomato WormS

Beneficial Insects Chemical Insecticides

When you begin to notice your plant leaves having holes or becoming wilted, then you need to have a close inspection of your plant.You may also notice droppings of these worms on your tomato leaves or on the ground.

Signs Of Tomato Worms Infestation

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