Will Mushroom Compost Burn Plants?

There are a lot of concerns with using mushroom compost in the garden. This is because it contains salt. This is the reason why most gardeners ask the question will mushroom compost burn my plants?

Often time when you purchase mushroom compost from the store, it reads mushroom soil or feed. This makes a lot of people to believe that it consists mainly of mushroom. But this is not entirely true.

What is Mushroom Compost?

In most cases, when you add mushroom compost to your soil, you notice yellowish colorations on the leaves which is referred to as burning.

Will Mushroom Compost Burn Plants?

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How to Use Mushroom Compost?

When applied to your soil properly, mushroom compost can provide nutrients for your soil, improve the water retention and drainage properties, and also work miracles for your soil texture.

Mushroom compost is a good way to improve your plant yield. When used properly, it can provide your soil with all the right conditions to promote healthy growth. However, you want to be careful to source your compost from organic farms and use it sparingly if it has high salt content. This way, you can be certain that the mushroom compost will not burn your plants.


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