Will Tomatoes Grow In Shade?

You can grow tomatoes in the shade. However, there are certain varieties of tomatoes that are shade-tolerant that you can choose to plant. This and more are what you will find out about in this article.

Will Tomatoes Grow In Shade?

Certainly, tomatoes can grow in the shade even if they require direct sunlight. Tomatoes can adapt to shades. However, the plant will become leggier as they attempt to reach sunlight. 

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Tomato Varieties That Are Shade-tolerant

Classic Round Tomatoes  Cherry, Grape, and Pear  Plum and Paste 

Try providing adequate light, like a grow light, if you’re starting your tomato seeds indoors. This is because it is important they get adequate light when they are beginning to grow.

Providing Good Light For Tomato Seedling

If it’s not a shade-tolerant variety, you should always have fewer expectations about your plant yield. You won’t be getting as much harvest compared to when growing tomatoes in full sunlight.

The Bright Side Of Growing Tomato Plants In The Shade

If you want to know when your harvest will be ready, check the packet of your seeds for the maturity date. You should be expecting to begin harvesting your fruits after a few weeks from the maturity date.


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