5 of the Best Urban Compost Tumblers

Adding an excellent quality compost in your garden can actually provide you with a slew of benefits. After all, composting is relatively easy, and it’s for this reason why a lot of gardeners do it in several ways.

1. Envirocycle Mini Composting Tumbler Bin 2. EJWOX Dual Rotating Compost Bin 3. HOTFROG Tumbling Composter 4. Algreen Terra Tumbling Composter 5. YIMBY Tumbling Composter

5 of the Best Urban Compost Tumblers

Before we talk about the various compost tumblers on the market, let us first consider the things you should watch out for when shopping one...

How to Choose the Right Compost Tumbler

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They’re as follows:

1. Your Method of Composting 2. Where You’ll Be Placing Your Composter 3. Ease of Assembly 4. Why Use a Compost Tumbler 5. They Allow Easier Heat Management 6. They Provide Protection from Animals 7. They Look Organized

The first thing you should consider is how you compost. This is really important as it can help you determine the design of your composter...

Your Method of Composting

Another thing to consider is the location you plan to place your composter. If you plan to place yours in an area with a steep slope, then you should go for a compost tumbler that comes with a broad base.

Where You’ll Be Placing Your Composter

Of the products reviewed above, the best among the best would be the mini composting tumbler from Envirocycle. Its design makes it very easy to load and unload the contents. Aside from that, you can easily transport it with ease – you don’t even need a wheelbarrow or bucket to do that!


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