A Guide To Using T12 Fluorescent Lights For Growing

There are different types of fluorescent grow lights that perform different operations. In this article, we will be discussing growing with T12 fluorescent lights.  Let’s look into growing with T12 fluorescent lights and how they affect your plants’ growth.

Fluorescent growing bulbs are perfect for growing various plants such including seedlings and clones. Fluorescent lights are also ideal for growing plants that do not demand too much light intensity.  

What Are Fluorescent Lights?

T12 can supply your plants with lights for their growing needs. It usually absorb more wattage and they will only supply you with fewer lumens or brightness.

Growing With T12 Fluorescent Light

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Some Recommended T12 Fluorescent Light

GE Plant and Aquarium Fluorescent Light Bulb, F20T12 Grow Light

Grow Light Tube for Germination & Microgreens

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